The Story Behind "I Love You Like..."

This is a story about friendship, a father’s love, and a children’s book — and how together, they’ve transcended a Stage IV cancer diagnosis.

They say opposites attract, and this friendship proves that theory. Scott Sutton grew up in a small town in central Pennsylvania. Alec Traub is from —Los Angeles…Beverly Hills to be exact. On paper, the duo couldn't be more different, but when they got to know each other they realized that this would be a life-long friendship. 

After spending two years together as co-workers traveling to all parts of the United States, Scott and Alec are now once again geographically separated, each on their respective coasts. Still, they manage to keep in touch, no matter the time or distance. And in fact, Scott even chose to name his son Alec!

In 2016, at age 34, Scott learned he had Stage IV neuroendocrine cancer — a rare and life-changing disease that began in his lung and rapidly spread with tumors developing throughout his body. Alec (Traub) and his wife, Dana, flew to Pennsylvania for a visit, where the idea for the book was sparked!

Dana and Scott’s wife, Anne, often call their husbands “childish”…for many reasons, but mostly for their long-standing game of creatively telling one another how much they have been missed. In closing emails or texts, each would try to outdo the other with a funny “I miss you like …” quip. One led to another — and became part of their every exchange. They never suspected at the time that their jokes would one day become a father’s legacy.

Now, two years later, and as Scott continues to battle, he and Alec have published “I Love You Like…”, dedicated to Scott’s three-year-old son. Illustrated by Glenn Zimmerman of Garfield Studio, Paws, Inc., the book follows the story of a young grasshopper who repeatedly interrupts his work-bound dad with the important question of “How much do you love me?”

This is their first children’s book, and they hope it brings as much joy to readers as it has brought to their families.


Scott Sutton:

Scott, 36, is a resident of Allison Park, Pa., where he lives with his wife, Anne, and three-year-old son, Alec.  Like most fathers, Scott spends most of his time negotiating screen time and cookie allowances, and desperately attempting to avoid floor Legos in the dark.   


Alec Traub:

Alec, 38, is a resident of Los Angeles, CA where he lives with his wife, Dana, and 11-year-old Havanese puppy, Caleb. Alec spends his days doing real estate and his nights negotiating for his own screen time (with Dana) and cookie allowances (with Caleb…and Dana). 


Glenn Zimmerman:

Glenn, 65, is a resident of Fishers, IN. He's been a professional animator for over 40 years, and is presently working at the Garfield studio, Paws, Inc., doing animation and illustration. He has a son, Jon, and a daughter, Melissa, who are both old enough to get their own cookies!